Greiner GP 100

Semi-automated Photometer for Clinical Chemistry

he Greiner GP 100 is a semi-automated Chemistry Photometer for universal use. Easy handling, a user-friendly interface and up to 130 programmable test assays make this instrument a valuable part of all clinical chemistry laboratories.

The GP 100 will be delivered with 47 pre-installed assays of the most common tests.

Greiner Reagents in suitable kit sizes are available.

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Greiner GP 100
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Greiner GP 100 Specifications:

Greiner GP 100 Specifications:

Type of instrument

Semi automated Chemistry Photometer,
based on Windows CE

Sample aspiration

SPeristaltic pump,
minimum sample volume 350 µl

Analytical Methods

Endpoint, fixed-time, kinetics, sample- and reagent-blank, mono- and bichromatic,linear and non-linear calibration

Calculation modes

Absorbance; Endpoint (standard or factor,
mono- or bichromatic);
Fixed-time (standard or factor); Kinetic;
Multi-standard curve (up to 8 points);
Reagent blank, Sample blank

Results output

Print by patient, by test, "select mode",
multi choice
(Power off protection, Real time data saving)

Memory capacity

Up to 170 parameters can be programmed,
3500 results can be stored
(by Patient, by Test or "History")


30 µl quartz flow cell

Optical system / Light source

Mono- and Bichromatic - 7 wavelengths:
340, 405, 500, 546, 578, 620, 670 nm
Halogen lamp 6V/10W,
Lamp standby mode

Measurement Range

0.000 - 2.500 OD +/- 1%

Half band width / Resolving power (calculation)

< 10nm / 0.0001 OD

Temperature control

RAmbient temperature, 25°C, 30°C, 37°C
(+/- 0.1°C by Peltier Technology)

Control board

Mouse and Keypad


Integrated large 7'' LCD Screen,
Win CE compatible operation


Real Time reaction (curve) display


Thermoprinter integrated


QC-program integrated


RS 232 serial port, USB interface

Weight and Size

7.5 kg / 450 x 330 x 140 mm

Electrical Data

90 - 250 VAC/50-60 Hz, 150 W max