Greiner GA 400

Auto Chemistry Analyzer

The Greiner GA 400 Auto-Chemistry Analyzer is a fully automated discrete computerized instrument for the Medical Diagnostic Lab. It is designed to improve daily work by saving labour time and costs. The GA400 analyzes body fluids i.e. serum/plasma, urine, ascites, cerebrospinal fluid… It contains a superior linear optical unit and high-precision pipetting mechanisms, providing a reagent-open function with up to four addable reagents per test, anti- cross-contamination functions and allows arithmetic combinations of tests to calculate compensated test results. The instrument throughput is 400 tests/hour (600 tests/h if optional I.S.E is included), STAT results will be processed preferentially, and 88 on-board reagents can be stored refrigerated at 5-15°C.

Greiner GA 400
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The analyzer will be delivered with a computer and pre-installed user friendly software, including the programming of all available Greiner Tests.

Greiner GA 400 Auto Chemistry Analyzer Specifications:

Greiner GA 400 Specifications:

Photometric System

Rear Spectrophotometry, halogen lamp 20W/12W and flat field grating monochromator: 340, 380, 405, 480, 505, 546, 570, 600, 660, 700, 800nm ;
Linear range 0 - 3.3 Abs

Analysis Rate

400 tests/hour, with ISE up to 600 tests/hour, 88 online tests and 3 ISE tests (K, Na, Cl; optional)

Analytical Methods

Endpoint, fixed-time, kinetics, sample- and reagent-blank, mono- and bichromatic, linear and non-linear calibration

Programming, Functions

Batch- and patient selection , user-defined profiles, STAT sample-priority

Pipetting and Washing/p>

3 separate probes,
carry-over reduction by nano polished needles,
high pressure rinsing/ stream washing,
volume detection of samples and reagents,
water degassing device

Sample Unit

115 positions (50x routine, 20x STAT, 34x calibration - cooled, 8x QC - cooled, 3x wash solution),
pipetting volumes 2 - 35µL, 0.1µL steps,
liquid level-, clot- and collision detection, auto sample dilution,
primary or secondary tubes/cups, sample barcodes (code 128, code 39, UPC/EAN, code 93),

Reagent Unit

2 disks, 2x45 reagent (2 detergent positions), for 70 and 20mL bottles - cooled,
pipetting volumes 20 - 350 µL, 1 µL steps,
liquid level detection and collision detection,

Reagent Barcodes

Up to 94 barcoded reagent sets

Reaction Unit

Reaction cuvettes of long-performance rigid plastic material, 120 positions, cuvette volume min. 150µL, max. 450µL, temperature 37°C by watercirculation, cleaning by warm water rinsing

Operating System, Software

CPU >2.2GHz dual core processor, Memory > 1G, HD >160 G, comprehensive operator-friendly informational software based on Windows XP,
report printing of user-defined mode, QC, and status information,
LCD monitor (optional), Printer (optional)

Other Data

RS-232C interface, TPC/IP network connection
Dimension 1060x790x1150 mm
Weight 300 kg
Voltage AC 200 - 240V, 50 Hz±1Hz, 2KVA
water consumption < 20L/h